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Have you ever listened to a presentation and asked yourself, "Where’s this going?”  Your audience wants to know why you’re speaking to them. “What’s in for me?” If the WHY is not clear from the outset, you risk losing your audience’s attention and having your message fall on deaf ears. Clarity.

When a prepared speaker stands tall, moves with purpose and speaks in an assertive voice we see, hear and feel their confidence. The opposite is also true. How prepared are you every time you get up to speak? Confidence.


“Show me the evidence” is a common phrase we expect to hear in a court of law. It’s no different when we’re speaking. The question is, how are you convincing your audience? Conviction.


The secret all great speakers share is practice, practice, practice.

During an interactive tailored 1-2 day group workshop, you will not only get the opportunity to practice, you will also gain insights on the fundamental building blocks of presenting in order to get your message across with Clarity, Confidence & Conviction.


You will learn how to plan & prepare your content,  master the six key skills of speaking and receive constructive feedback on what you do well, what to stop doing and how to grow as a speaker.

Six Key Skills?

1.Who? Know your audience: what do you want them to know, feel and do?

2.Why? What is your purpose: why are you speaking to them?

3.How? Organise & structure your speech:

grab your audience’s attention, communicate your ideas clearly and close memorably. 

4.Mind. Be in the right mindset: breathing & practice will help you overcome your nerves and be confident.

5.Body. Move with purpose: discover how movement, posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact will connect you to your audience.

6.Voice. Find your voice: bring your words to life and learn how pitch, tone, pace, pause and prosody keeps your audience awake, engaged and inspired.

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Individual Communication Coaching

"Start with the end in mind" - Stephen R. Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Successful People  


We all want our staged events to be a success, don’t we? With proper planning and preparation they will be.  And, in my experience, having the added value of an MC who will ensure your participants have a:

  • rewarding experience 

  • learn something new, and 

  • understand why they attended the event!


As MC, I am the bridge between your speakers and the audience, the glue that makes your message stick and memorable! Acting as your official host, I will:


  1. Energise the audience by working the room: lifting everyone's mood when the energy is low and reducing the tempo when emotions run too high

  2. Engage with participants in conversations: focusing their attention and getting them in the right mindset to listen to speakers

  3. Facilitate the overall programme from start to close: taking the audience on a journey while ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time. 


Let me enthuse you with creative ideas! 


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Do you get stressed when you have to speak in front of an audience?

Do you have an important presentation to give? 

Are you preparing for a critical job interview or pitching to a new client?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then individual coaching is right for you. 


It takes time, practice and in-depth feedback to go from being a good to great speaker. Speaking is a skill. Like all skills, practice makes perfect. As your professional coach, I will help you define your key message and develop content that is purposeful, clear and memorable. You will learn how to use your body and project your voice so you speak with confidence and sound confident!


How? Helping you:

  • overcome any barriers you may have

  • boost your self-confidence

  • draw out personal stories that are memorable

  • craft clear content so your audience understands

  • persuade your audience with convincing arguments and reasoning

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Group Presentation Skills Workshops
Conference Facilitator & Master of Ceremonies

Meet Sandra

When people ask me, 'What do you do?' I tell them, 'empowering leaders to speak more effectively' so that their message gets across. Isn't that what we all strive for when we present? From the strategic message to the small print, my clients count on me for brainstorming content, envisaging headlines, developing speeches and making sure they have a story to tell.

My Tale of Two Stages

I'm passionate about the theatre and love entertaining people, which is why I bring together the world of theatre and public speaking. What can performing actors teach us? A lot! From projecting our voices to bringing our words to life and learning how to use the stage are three of my most important. Mastering the art will ensure you're engaging your audience so that they remember your message when they leave the room.


I'm a people's person

People tell me I have a natural flair and positive energy with an enthusiastic personality. By asking you insightful questions, I'm able to draw out your key messages and help you craft your speech so you inspire, inform, persuade or motivate your audience  with powerful presentations.

We live in a noisy world, bombarded every day, every hour and every minute with
digital communications across different platforms! That’s why I tell people over and over again, there’s nothing more powerful than face-to-face communication. It's where the magic happens!  Whether you’re on a TED stage, at a management conference, in a business meeting, job interview or standing by the coffee machine, your voice and your words will make a difference when - quote Simon Sinek - you know your why, your how and your what. 


When people ask me, 'Where are you from?' it's not an easy question to answer! Here's the quick version: I'm British of Italian origin, based in the heart of Europe, in Brussels, Belgium. I feel very much ‘at home' in this diverse, multicultural and inter-generational city. It's a magnet for people like me, a colourful concoction of cultures!


I'm a 4th culture kid!

I was born and raised in Mumbai, India to Italian Hungarian parents, who sent me to school in the UK at the tender age of ten. India and the UK, two worlds apart in every way! I learned fast how to adapt and fit in although I will admit, it was tough at the beginning! My education shaped me into who I am today: an independent spirit with a creative, entrepreneurial mindset. Inclusion & diversity. I've lived both since my childhood without knowing what those two words meant!


Bridging communication gaps

Growing up inter-culturally has helped me bridge the language gap to communicate effectively and find common understanding. I'm a native English speaker, fluent in French and Italian with a basic knowledge of Spanish, Dutch and German. 


From corporate to coaching

My career brought me from London to Brussels in 1992. I was responsible for marketing & communication at Oriflame, a Swedish global beauty & wellness company, travelling around Eastern Europe and Asia, and in my element! In 1999, I joined Nu Skin, a similar global American network marketing company, where I was responsible for launching products to multicultural audiences across Europe.

I found my passion for public speaking when I joined Toastmasters in 2004. That same year, I started acting with amateur theatre groups in Brussels. Both became the catalyst that morphed my career from marketing communication to coaching people in communication. And where I am today: empowering leaders to speak up, find their voice and get their message across with Clarity, Confidence & Conviction.


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Sandra is an exceptional, driven and creative connection experienced in communication, leadership and people. She is a very inspiring person who supported me to set me up for success. Her creativity, positive outlook, presentation style and enthusiasm is really making the difference. If you need support in communication, leadership, marketing and/or event management I can only recommend Sandra Lizioli!

Pieter Allaerts

MICE professional, Past-President MPI

Sandra is magic with words and also has the necessary outside perspective to help you create clear messages when communicating in writing or presenting.

Majsan Andreasson

Marcom Manager, Voxbone

Sandra is a charismatic communicator and coach who is able to move and enthuse people right from their first encounter. Both reassuring and demanding, she is able to pull participants in communications training out of their comfort zone and get the best out of themselves. After a couple of meetings you could clearly see the steep learning curve they were going through. Sandra also introduced me to Toastmasters, a public speaking group which she is a perfect ambassador for. I’m looking forward to future collaboration!

Heidi Bosmans

Strategic Communication Consultant, Akkanto

Sandra was mainly working on the communication side during her stay with PwC. One of her major successes is the development of the internal newsletter that is appreciated and read throughout the company. She demonstrated a high degree of creativity, empathy and curiosity and developed stories that were interesting and useful at the same time. Furthermore, she was appreciated by her listening and strong coaching skills. I would recommend Sandra for any communication and coaching assignments.

Liina Ranne

Director, PwC

Sandra is great in building useful business relationships and understands the strength of using words in creating value. Her enthousiasm and drive give tangible results.

Eddy Dams


I worked for more than 3 years with Sandra as a service provider. She truly helps us with her writing skills. She does an excellent job at bringing the message right, straight, strongly and with a lot of creativity. Not only does she write very well, she was also a great person to work with as a coach. She manages to build a network around her very easily and I love her motivation at work!

Sophie van Durme

Marketing Manager, PwC

Sandra is a great connector, understanding people's needs and bringing the right people together for the right solution. She is very creative in her communication and very convincing in conveying her enthusiasm. A personality!

Marina Grimaz

Business Transformation Expert

Sandra brings a lot of enthousiasm to the team and valuable expertise and experience. She's great in asking the right questions and comes up with creative ideas and solutions.

Martine Ballegeer

Partner, PitchPoint

Sandra helped to prepare a TEDx Talk that I presented in May 2017 in Louvain-la-Neuve. I greatly appreciated her communication skills as well as her guidance in the structuring of my speech. I definitely recommend her as a coach!

Edoardo Traversa

Professor of Tax Law, UC Louvain, KU Leuven, WU Wien, Avocat of counsel

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Meet Sandra
Happy Clients

Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.

- Dale Carnegie

Helping you get your message across

with Clarity, Confidence & Conviction

Engage - Impact - Energise
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